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Monthly Picks: June & July - Resources to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

This is pivotal moment in American history, and NYShe is committed to amplifying and supporting black lives and voices.



The world is full of resources we can use to educate ourselves for better allyship. Below are links to highly recommended podcasts from my fellow podcasts hosts that we should all take the time to listen to.

- 1619 (NY Times)

- Pod Save the People (Crooked Media)

- Seeing White (Seen On Radio)

1619 Podcast


The Okra Project

The Okra Project is an organization that supports Black Trans people by paying Black Trans chefs to cook healthy and culturally specific home-cooked meals in the homes of Black Trans people as well as deliver food to those experiencing homelessness. The Okra Project was founded by Ianne Fields Stewart, a Black queer nonbinary transfeminine NYC based actor and activist. Click HERE to learn more about the Okra Project and how to donate.

From The Okra Project Website


Make a Phone Call & Send a Text

We are constantly on our phones, so let’s use them to make a difference.

- Text ENOUGH to 55156

- Text JUSTICE to 668366

- Text ELIJAH to 55156

- Call the Louisville Mayor and demand justice for Breonna Taylor (844)-298-2731


Donate to Your Local Organizations

There are many organizations around the country that support Black lives. I chose to donate to The Loveland Foundation. Based in NYC and founded in 2018 by Rachel Cargle, the Loveland Foundation aims to support communities of color and specifically Black women and girls. They have a Therapy Fund that has a goal to give 1,000 women and girls the finances to access 4-8 therapy sessions this year. Click HERE to learn more about the Loveland Foundation and donate.

Rachel Cargle of The Loveland Foundation


Stay Informed with Social Media

Follow organizations that make a difference and amplify Black Voices. Social media is a valuable resource we can use to listen and learn.

1. Color of Change @colorofchange

2. NAACP @naacp

3. Equal Justice Initiative @eji_org

4. The Okra Project @theokraproject

5. The Loveland Foundation @thelovelandfoundation

6. The Conscious Kid @theconsciouskid


I hope that these resources are as helpful to you as they were to me. Please email if you have any more recommendations or resources.

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