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My Name is Audrey Powell, and this is NYShe!

My name is Audrey Powell, and this is NYShe. I am a southern gal originally from Alabama now living in the greatest city in the world, New York City. I wanted to create this blog and podcast to share my experiences as a young adult starting out in NYC. My goal is to find all of the best spots in the city and share the latest new and trends so you can feel like a real New Yorker no matter if you live here or are visiting. Living in New York is not easy, but it sure is entertaining! 

I want to connect with y'all on different platforms which I why I decided to start a blog to reach out to those people who might not listen to podcasts. I hope that this blog can be an introduction to podcasting and all things New York City.

If you're looking for a quick and easy guide to find Hot Spots to check out on your trip or learn about the NYC lifestyle, this is the blog for you. Even if you're a local, you might discover a bar, restaurant, retailer, or experience that you haven't heard of before. NYC is full of so many hideaways and adventures that it takes an entire lifetime to find them all. 

I hope you enjoy the blog and podcast! NYShe you next time!

XOXO,  Audrey

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