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Monthly Picks: April

I personally have used, watched, and purchased all of these recommendations. I love them, and I hope you do too!


1. "Tiger King" on NETFLIX

Y’all, I was in need of a binge worthy series, and Netflix has delivered. If you love documentaries and wild stories then you will binge your heart out watching the insane lifestyle of Joe Exotic and all of the drama in the Big Cat Zoo world. Link below to the Netflix series you don’t want to miss. Streaming now on Netflix


2. Obé Fitness

Obé Fitness is here to save the day from the quarantine 15. If you love workout classes with an instructor showing you exactly what to do then Obé should be your go-to for video workouts. Not only do they do live classes daily but they also have over 3000 “replay” classes you have access to 24/7. Right now, they’re offering a 7-Day free trail that you can access via their app or on your computer!


3. Boldly Blonde Boutique

Supporting small business is so important right now, and I found the cutest online boutique, Boldly Blonde. Located in Columbus, Mississippi, this boutique has tons of great Southern style choices as well as some edgy choices like the tan and black star jacket I love wearing in NYC. Use the code “TAKE15” for 15% off your purchase at Shop Boldly Blonde.


4. Headbands

Bad hair day? Throw on a headband. Seriously, it works, and you look fabulous. I have bought so many headbands recently, from snakeskin print to solid black. Even when I’m social distancing in my house all day, wearing a headband makes me feel like I’m

putting in some effort during the day. Not sure you’ll love the look? Try out a few different colors with this three pack on Amazon without breaking the bank.


5. Mini Controversy Palette (Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson)

This palette is perfect for glam on the go. The pigment in these eye shadows is stunning and also perfect for an everyday look or a night on the town. Plus, the size of the palette can fit in any purse or backpack. I’m obsessed with the shade “My Apology” paired with “Diet Root Beer”. The deep red in "My Apology" blends so well with the brown and orange undertones in “Diet Root Beer”. The Mini Controversy Palette is definitely a must have.

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