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Q&A with Drink Wine|Spill Tea!

Grab your cabernet and say hello to my two favorite podcast hosts, CJ Bathiany and Jamie Dillon Grossman from Drink Wine|Spill Tea!


CJ Bathiany and Jamie Dillon Grossman


Hi y’all! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

CJ: My name is CJ Bathiany! I’m originally from Fort Thomas, KY (right outside of Cincinnati, so if I ever say I’m from there…mind your business). I got a BFA in Musical Theatre from Southern Illinois University- which has slowly gone to waste since moving to NYC in 2018. Kidding- but not really. I work for Lululemon, which I love, while running my podcast with my best friend, with goals of one day working for a company like Buzzfeed or Betches!

Jamie: Hello, Mommies and Daddies!!! I’m Jamie. I grew up in Arizona, but I currently live in New York. I went to the University of Arizona and got my BFA in Musical Theatre. My full time job right now is quarantine, and honestly, it’s going really well. I’m fully booked every day with waking up, watching Netflix, watching Hulu, eating, watching HBOGo, eating, watching Netflix, drinking, watching Disney Plus, drinking, etc. It’s exhausting being this productive.


So you have a podcast?!

Jamie: Yes! Our podcast is called Drink Wine|Spill Tea. Our goal is to talk about anything and everything but approach each subject with a sense of humor (while drinking wine, obviously). We want to create a relaxed environment so our guests feel comfortable talking about what they are passionate about without feeling like they need to filter themselves. We want to talk about real shit!

CJ: Which honestly means that we get really drunk and talk shit with each other/whoever our co-host is! We have some ~cute~ segments that we do, such as: Tea Time- where we spill the tea that our listeners send in anonymously and Cheers to the Millennial- where we acknowledge a millennial we think has done something outstanding or completely stupid.


What is something about yourself that no one else knows?

CJ: I am a pretty open book, but I think the thing that most people don’t know about me is that I’m….. better than you? I know! It’s pretty crazy. I don’t like to brag about it, but it IS the truth. I’m happy to answer any questions about it!

Jamie: Oh God…..uuummmm…I’m an open book so……I hate ketchup. It’s time the world knew.


What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about living in NYC?

Jamie: I love living in New York because the best of everything is here. Food, art, culture, you name it. And I want to live in a place where “things happen” rather than read about them from somewhere else. My least favorite thing would have to be the rats. Seeing a mammoth sized rat scurry by your feet will never NOT be shocking.

CJ: My favorite part about living in NYC is the constant hustle and hype about everything! I love always having something to do but having the option to hole up in my apartment and not talk to anyone if I don’t want to. My least favorite thing about NYC is the smell of the subway. Hands down.


Spill the tea on your Co-Host: What do you love about working with them?

CJ: The best part about working with Jamie is that our humor is 100% the same. Since the first day we met, we realized that we are the biggest idiots alive, and we’re obsessed with each other! The podcast would be nothing without her. I’ll never admit it though.

Jamie: Hmmmm…one of the best things about working with CJ is that he makes me sound really smart…. AND also I love how passionate and focused he is when he wants to achieve something. He’s the one who edits our episodes and does all the tech stuff, and I just get to show up and goof off. He had no idea how to do that when we started, and now, he’s a pro. I really admire him for buckling down and taking the time to learn a new skill.

CJ Bathiany


Do you have any hosting quirks that you tend to do while recording?

Jamie: Yeah, I realized a little bit ago when I say my thoughts on something or about something and I am not sure the other person’s opinion on the matter I say, “But I don’t know” at the end of it, which I think devalues everything I just said. I say that to lighten tension if what I said can be controversial, but I’ve been noticing other people do that as well. I’ve been consciously trying to stop saying that because my opinions matter and so do everyone else’s. So, we should say what we think if the opportunity presents itself (In a polite and respectful way of course) and not apologize for it or devalue ourselves. I also say "like" waaaaaaay too much.

CJ: I honestly think I just say “like” a lot. Which is a horrible habit of mine. I also just pick on Jamie a lot and refer to my sex life. Oops!


What has been the juiciest tea you’ve spilled on your podcast?

CJ: The first tea that we got was probably the best one. It was so exciting because they (the person who sent it in) was so committed to the details and so excited to spill it. It was the tea about Juan who got fired from their production of In the Heights, dumped by Equity, and dropped from his agent. TEAful. The most recent tea about the guy who had Grindr “hookup” with his high school math teacher was pretty juicy too.

Jamie: I love the tea we spilt when our listener confessed to pooping her pants on a first date. We were laughing so hard I couldn’t get through it!


If you could eat at one restaurant in NYC which one would it be?

Jamie: El Born. It’s a Barcelona-style tapas restaurant, and it is some of the most incredible food I’ve ever eaten. Hands down. I would brave going back to Brooklyn to eat there again.

CJ: That’s the hardest question I’ve ever had to answer. I have so many! If I had to pick, I would say Saggios. It’s the best Italian restaurant ever. It’s up on 181st between Fort Washington and Cabrini. Check em out!!


Who is your dream guest on your podcast?

CJ: Any drag queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race, SPECIFICALLY our girl, Jan! We’ve talked to her about it, and she’s super down, but she’s obviously a big time star now since she’s been on the show, so finding time when she’s available is going to be the challenge.

Jamie: I would love to get someone on who is in the political field and can talk to us about important issues specifically in New York. I highly doubt a self-respecting politician will be on a podcast called Drink Wine|Spill Tea but…….a girl can dream.

Jamie Dillon Grossman


Where can we listen to your podcast and find your socials?

CJ: Don’t ask Jamie that question, cause she’ll never remember.

Jamie: I literally have no idea. CJ, take it away.

CJ: Anywhere podcasts are found! Our most popular platforms are Apple and Spotify though. You can follow us on Instagram @drinkwine_spilltea, Twitter @drinkwinespillt (with the letter T, not the word), or just email us at If you wanna follow meeeeeeee you can find me on Instagram @cjaybathiany and Twitter @claytonbathiany. I’m totes hilarious.

Jamie: My personal instagram is @jamiegmoney and my twitter is @jamiedgrossman!


Thank you SO MUCH to CJ and Jamie for being my first guest bloggers and for doing this Q&A! Make sure to check out their latest episode of Drink Wine|Spill Tea!


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