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See You At The Premiere!

The art of being a plus one at FX Television Premieres.


New York City can actually have the glitz and glamour that we are so used to seeing on our TV and computer screens. Trust me, there are actually people who live their lives like they belong in an episode of Gossip Girl. Although I am not living in a penthouse like Chuck Bass, I sure did feel like a society girl getting to be a plus one at not one but two TV show premieres for FX.

My good friend, Ellie, was kind enough to invite me to go with her to the premiere of the new FX show “What We Do In The Shadows”. Not knowing what people wear to a TV premiere, I ran to Aritzia the day of the showing and bought a black blazer I knew I could use to dress up some jeans and a top. I think I made the right choice because the dress code was very "trendy chic cool". There were so many fashionable people at the premiere that I was taking mental notes for my next outfit inspirations.

Ellie and I arrived at the premiere and were ushered into a beverage and popcorn area where we got to pick out our favorite sweet treats. There were two movie theatres in the building, and we got lucky enough to be seated in the one with the cast and crew of the show. Since it is a TV show premiere and not a movie, FX let us watch three episodes of the first season. Afterwards, we were bused over to the Bowery Hotel event space for the after-party where there was plenty of dinner, drinks, and dancing.

The “What We Do In the Shadows” television show is based on the vampire cult classic film by Taika Waititi, and the after-party was decorated to mirror that mood. Bones, old wax candles, and even coffins lined the entrance and hallways leading to the event. There were many celebrities there to make appearances and show support as well. It was definitely a night to remember. I think I danced so much I slept for 14 hours the next day.

The Second premiere that Ellie graciously invited me to was also for an FX show but an established show that was premiering its newest season. “Better Things” was a show that I had not heard about before that night.

Pamela Adlon is the creator, writer, and star of the show. Pamela made an inspiring and heartfelt speech to everyone before the first episode was played. I fell in love with the plot and family in the show after watching the two episodes at the premiere and hearing Pamela’s passion for her project.

This time the premiere was at The Whitby Hotel. Located in Midtown, this hotel is a must stay if you’re a big fan of unique boutique hotels. Every room was decorated differently, and they all had creative artistic twists. This premiere was a bit smaller in size. We all fit into a theatre that was in the basement of the hotel, and after the showing, we were all brought out into a lobby and ballroom area to enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. I attempted to gracefully eat mini falafel while standing a few feet away from Darren Criss and his wife. So sorry you had to be there to witness that Darren.

I’m definitely not on my way to being a part of high society, but getting exposure to the television industry and learning about stellar binge worthy FX shows sounds like a great evening to me!

Thanks again Ellie for the invites. I hope my falafel fail didn’t embarrass you too much.

P.S. - The Whitby Hotel has very Insta worthy wallpaper. ->>>


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