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I Scream, You Scream, for the Museum of Ice Cream

My visit to New York City's tastiest pop-up attraction.


New York City is known for its fabulous pop-up exhibits, and one of the most popular to visit is the Museum of Ice Cream. Located in SoHo, this seasonal pop-up attracts tourists from around the globe as well as NYC locals. My younger sister and her college roommate were coming to stay with me, and I thought that was the perfect time to explore the museum that everyone was posting and raving about.

I can honestly tell you that the Museum of Ice Cream is worth all of the hype. The staff there welcomes every visitor, and you feel like the tour is catered to you personally. The first step is creating your “Ice Cream Name” that will proudly be displayed on a name tag. I went with “Fudge You Up”, a name my mother would most certainly be proud of (hi mom).

One of our fellow tour mates made her dreams loud and clear on the "dream wall"

After you decide your flavor, you are guided room by room through the entire three-story building. Each room has an unique flavor of ice cream you get to try. Never in my life have I thought spicy ice cream was possible, but the MOIC made it happen.

Every room is an Instagram dream with all of the backdrops, props, and architectural features to fill up your Insta feed.

The museum is designed so that many rooms have interactive features. There is a music room where you can spin a record player and play a giant keyboard. There is a room filled with pink and yellow bananas hanging from the ceiling. My personal favorite is the playground room that includes a swing set, jungle gym, and see-saw.

Probably the most famous and posted attraction is the final location…. a pool filled with giant sprinkles. The design for this room is so detailed that I was waiting for the lifeguard to blow a whistle at me for running. Seriously, it looks like a real pool complete with a kiddy pool and slide. My sister and I went photo crazy in this room.

Another main attraction is the slide that takes you down from the third floor to the basement. I was hoping to go down twice I had so much fun. Of course, there is an elevator or stairs option if slide is not for you.

Use the arrows on each side of the pictures to take a look at our MOIC visit!

Get your tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream as soon as possible. It is a popular attraction, so the tickets sell out fast. Walking around NYC is fun, but this experience is one you will remember for a lifetime.


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