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The Coffee Corner

Craving coffee? Check out these coffee shops you can only find in the Big Apple.


I hate to admit this, but I’m not a "make my coffee at home" kind of girl. There are too many great coffee shops around NYC, and although it may hurt my bank account, I truly believe it is worth it to support small businesses. I have visited my fair share of coffee shops, and these are my absolute favorites that you MUST TRY if you’re in the city.

1. Hutch and Waldo

Located on the Upper East Side

Hutch and Waldo is known on the UES for their amazing coffee and food. My go-to order is their 48 hour cold brew and the Nude Bowl (scrambled eggs, pesto, tomatoes, sweet potato, and avocado). Wow, my mouth is watering. Hutch and Waldo was started by Australian natives who wanted to continue their coastal vibe in the Big Apple, and you can definitely feel the vibe with the bright colors and green patterns all over the store and merchandise. They are also extremely dog friendly, so make sure to bring your furever friend by H&W!


2. Remi Flower and Coffee

Located in Midtown East

Remi Flower and Coffee offers the unique experience of a florist and coffee shop all in one location. You can purchase flowers, plants, or lattes all to-stay or to-go. The lattes here are works of art that cannot be copied anywhere else in the city. My favorite is the rose infused latte because it's the prettiest coffee I have ever seen. The rose flavor is so subtly delicious. They also work with events, so if you’re in need of flowers for a wedding, check out Remi Flower and Coffee!


3. LROOM Café

Located by Union Square

LROOM café is the most instagrammable café in the city. Known for their exquisite presentation, you can order anything from cotton candy honey toast to a rose garden egg waffle. While I did not partake in ordering food at the LROOM Café, I did order their golden latte that is filled with edible golden glitter. They also have a multicolor glitter option that is sure to fill your insta feed with sparkle and shine.


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